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Workforce Management Server Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
09/26/14 General X

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What's New

This release includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • WFM Server now supports the Actual backlog (also known as Actual queue) statistic in the WFMPerformanceService810::SetPerformanceDataAsync method. (WFM-21943)
  • Now supervisors can specify an effective date for changes to Schedule State Groups (SSG). The Effective Date can be a date in the past, on which the changes are applied. If an effective date is specified for an SSG, the latest change is applied not from the midnight of the current day (according to the Site timezone, as is the default), but from the midnight of the specified effective date. (WFM-21905)
  • Supervisors and agents can now delete individual items in a Time-Off request, while retaining the original submission date (of all other items in the request). This ensures the agent's request remains in the queue and is considered for processing. (WFM-21863)
  • Supervisors and agents can now edit individual items in Time-Off requests. Previously, an error displayed if only some items in the same request were changed. (WFM-21756)

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

Task Sequences properties can now be modified when they are assigned to shifts that contain multiple Task Sequences. Previously in this scenario, modifying Task Sequence properties caused an error to display. (WFM-22025)

Agents with skills in two Activities are now correctly scheduled when both Activities require an agent. Previously, agents with skills in two Activities were over-scheduled. (WFM-21999)

WFM Server now correctly displays agents in the <none> team in the Schedule Scenario view. Previously, if all teams under a Site were not selected in the Schedule Scenario view, agents in the <none> team did not display. (WFM-21997)

WFM Server now displays agents in the Schedule Scenario view after they are moved to another Site. Previously, agents disappeared from this view after they were moved. (WFM-21996)

WFM Server now correctly sorts Teams or Sites in all Schedule views. Previously, in the Schedule Intra-Day view, WFM Server did not correctly sort Teams or Sites. (WFM-21995)

WFM Server now considers each status update when Wait-Listed items are processed. Previously, when one Wait-Listed item was processed, the status update was not considered when the next Wait-Listed item was processed, causing the latter item to be incorrectly granted over the set Time-Off limit. (WFM-21990)

WFM Server now correctly applies Availability Patterns when the agent's timezone was different from the Site timezone in Web for Agents > Preferences. Previously in this scenario, WFM Server did not correctly apply Availability Patterns. (WFM-21864)

WFM Server now correctly calculates agent availability at the Multi-Site Activity level when using the Time-Off Limit wizard. Previously in this scenario, WFM Server would sometimes improperly load agent-related configuration when agents from multiple sites were involved. (WFM-21745)

WFM Server now correctly handles Calendar items that are granted using the Time-Off Limit wizard, that impact overnight agent availability. Previously, WFM Server incorrectly indicated that the overnight portion was Available, even though the previous day contained a non-working or working day that ended before midnight. (WFM-21694)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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