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Installing the iWD GAX Plug-in

iWD GAX Plug-in is installed in the GAX standard way—the procedure is described here (opens a new document).


1. Before any install of the GAX Plug-in, if you have installed it previously you must perform the removal procedure below to ensure a clean installation.
2. Install the plug-in in the GAX working directory: for example; /GCTI/GAX/plug-ins.
3. You will need to re-start GAX after installing the plug-in.

Notes on Localization

  • The base GAX application and its plugins (including iWD GAX plug-in) are not fully separated with their localization.
  • iWD GAX Plug-in is delivered with all available localizations at the time of its release.

Notes on Installing/Removing the iWD GAX Plug-in

If you perform the GAX Plug-in removal procedure for the iWD GAX Plug-in, you need to make sure that following files have been deleted (if you are working on Windows, some of these files might be already removed by the generic Windows uninstaller):
  • <GAX_HOME>/webapp/WEB-INF/lib/gax-iwd.jar file
  • <GAX_HOME>/plug-ins/gax-iwd.jar file
  • <GAX_HOME>/webapp/plugins/gax-iwd directory
Before you perform the installation of the new version of iWD GAX Plug-in or after you perform the GAX Plug-in removal procedure , you need to make sure that following files have been deleted:
  • <GAX_HOME>/webapp/WEB-INF/lib/gax-iwd-lp-<lang-build>.jar (for example, gax-iwd-lp-de-de- file)
  • <GAX_HOME>/plug-ins/gax-iwd-lp-<lang-build>.jar (for example, gax-iwd-lp-de-de- file)
  • <GAX_HOME>/webapp/plugins/gax-iwd-lp-<lang> (for example, gax-iwd-lp-de-de directory)

Upgrading Plug-ins

To upgrade any plug-in, you need to follow the instructions above to remove the old plug-in, then install the new one.

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