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Supplement to Documentation for: GVP 8.5 and Media Server 8.5

This document lists additions and changes to the docs for Genesys Voice Platform 8.5.x and Media Server 8.5.x, as part of Continuous Delivery.

The following tables document the latest IPs available for the Genesys Media Server and Genesys Voice Platform products.

Genesys Media Server
Component 8.5.1 available Latest IP Version Windows Linux
Resource Manager (RM)    Y Y Y
Media Control Platform (MCP) Y Y Y
T-Server-CUCM to Media Server Connector Y Y Y
Reporting Server (RS) Y Y Y
GVP Reporting Plugin for GAX Y Y Y
Management Information Base (MIB) Y Y Y

See the Supported Operating Environment: Genesys Voice Platform page for more detailed information and a list of all supported operating systems.

Genesys Voice Platform
Component 8.5.1 available Latest IP Version Windows Linux
MRCP Proxy Y Y Y
Supplementary Services Gateway (SSG) Y Y Y
CTI Connector (CTIC)    Y N Y Y Y
Squid Caching Proxy Y Y N/A
Call Control Platform (CCP)    Y Y N Y Y
Policy Server (PS) N Y Y

Note: See the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Guide page for more detailed information and a list of all supported operating systems.

Date Feature
05 February 2016
  • Users can now use the GVP Reporting plugin for GAX to provision IVR profiles and manage DID groups for IVR profiles. See the GVP Reporting plugin for GAX Release Note.
  • Note: In large-scale deployments of GVP (with 10,000+ DIDs), users may experience up to 15-20 seconds response times when editing or saving DIDs in a DID group, through the GVP Reporting plug-in for GAX.

  • Tenant Administrators can now provision DIDs to DID Group mapping.

  • Note: DID group provisioning succeeds when you remove the conflicting entries in overlapping ranges (example: 100-200 and 150-250).

  • Backend filtering no longer removes the call record from a report when you use an IVR profile or Tenant or component in the filter. Instead, certain filtering rules apply. See the GVP Reporting plug-in for GAX Release Note.
  • Resource Manager (RM) has three new configuration options in the CTI Connector (CTIC) Logical Resource Group (LRG) for handling CTIC failover. See the Resource Manager Release Note.
  • The TCP setup timer is now configurable. See the Resource Manager Release Note.
  • MRCP Proxy supports provisioning MRCP resources with the same URI, if the resource names or types are different.
January 2016
  • MCP uses the SpiderMonkey 1.7 engine to perform ECMAScript (JavaScript) processing. SpiderMonkey 1.7 supports ECMA-262 3rd edition.
15 December 2015
  • The Sip.Body value in the [vxmli] session_vars configuration option enables access to the body of SIP INVITE messages. See the MCP Release Note.
  • Use the configuration parameter [callmgr] enable_sip_response_in_transfer_metric to configure Media Control Platform to append the SIP response code (when it is available) to transfer_result metrics. See the MCP Release Note.
  • TCP Timer Setup—You can configure the wait time to keep a needed resource available, when waiting to establish a TCP or TLS connection. See the MCP Release Note.
16 November 2015
  • You can use the GVP Reporting plugin for GAX to "self-service" provision IVR profiles, Map individual DIDs to DID groups, and Map DID Groups to IVR profiles. Read complete details here.
28 August 2015
  • The Supplementary Services Gateway now supports including custom HTTP response headers in the HTTP responses to HTTP requests. Enable this behavior with the [http]ResponseHeaders configuration parameter. Enter the value in this format: Header1:Value1|Header2:Value2
    • If your value includes the characters | or :, precede them with a backslash (\| or \:).
    • The default value for this parameter will be set to X-Frame-Options:DENY—part of Genesys software defense against “clickjacking”.
    • This behavior also applies to accessing the SSG root page.
  • The Media Control Platform supports DTMF Masking while agent and caller are in conference with IVR. See Managing DTMF Clamping in MSML Recordings.
  • Now you can configure the duration of the MP3 recording buffer. Use the option [mpc] mediamgr.recordmp3audiobuffer (in the MCP application) to specify the duration of the audio buffer for MP3 recording, in milliseconds.
    mediamgr.recordmp3audiobuffer must be an integer 2000 or greater; the default is 4000.
    Any change takes effect at start/restart.
  • The Media Control Platform's NGI VXML interpreter supports caching of JavaScript (JS) content, which improves performance.
  • The Media Control Platform supports mp3 compression at 8 kbps for mono recording. To enable 8 kbps mono recording, make these settings:
    • [mpc] mp3.bitrate=8
    • msml.record.channels=1 OR msml.record.channels2=1

    The default compression remains 16 kbps.

  • The Media Control Platform supports mono-channel recording during MSML GIR recording for all file formats.
    • Use the parameters (both in the gvp.service-paramaters section of the IVR profile record) to specify the channel information:
      Both options recordingclient.channels=fixed and recordingclient.channels2=fixed can have the possible value 1(mono) or 2(stereo, the default).
      If a parameter is missing from the IVR profile configuration, then MCP uses the configuration parameters msml.record.channels and msml.record.channels2 (which specify the number of channels that MCP must use for MSML recording to dest2). These two have the same possible values (1=mono and 2=stereo, the default).
      Any change takes effect immediately.
    • Use the configuration option [msml]record.amazonallowpublicaccess to enable public download access to an MSML recording file that was uploaded to Amazon s3. Set to true to enable access to the uploaded recording file, and to false (the default) to disable access.
      This option will grant access to both the primary recording destination (recdest) and the secondary recording destination (recdest2), if you configure both destinations to use the s3 URI format (s3:bucketname).
      Any change takes effect at start/restart.
17 April 2015 Voiceprint Carrier Message Detection Setup
23 March 2015
  • The Media Server function Call Progress Detection (CPD) now performs voice print analysis and beep analysis to identify the specific preconnect carrier messages that occur in different countries.
  1. Media Server's configurable database of preconnect tones is initiated during installation and loaded when Media Server starts. You can update the database with different carrier messages at any time, without stopping Media Control Platform.
  2. Other features include the ability to leave postconnection messages such as voicemail.

  3. You can read about additional CPD functionality in "Appendix C: Tuning Call Progress Detection" of the GVP 8.5 User's Guide.
  4. Some new VoicePrint Configuration Options support this functionality.
  • The Reporting Server (RS) adds support for Windows 2012 64-bit and MS SQL Server 2012, in native 64-bit mode using the 64-bit version of the Java Virtual Machine. RS also adds support for Standard and Enterprise editions of the SQL Server 2012 database.
  • Resource Manager can now be configured to reject a call request if the geo-location of the targeted Logical Resource Group (LRG) does not match the geo-location attribute of the call request. This extends to all calls, a behavior that previously applied only to recording solution calls. Read about this behavior and the option that controls it, reject-on-geo-location-nomatch (new in release 8.5.1), in Locating Resources Using Geo-Location.
  • 18 December 2014
    • GVP added support for Genesys Interactive Recording (GIR):
      • Media Control Platform added two new mp3 encoding compressions—16kbps (new default) and 24kbps—to the existing configuration option [mpc]mp3.bitrate.
    • VP Reporting Plugin for GAX added new support and compatibility requirements:
      • Added support for Management Framework 8.5 and Genesys Administrator Extension 8.5.
      • Added support for Windows Server 2012 R2 64-bit.
      • The plugin now requires GAX 8.5.0; support for GAX 8.1.4 is discontinued.
      • VP Reporting Plugin for GAX Help is now online.
    • Management Information Base (MIB) added support for Windows Server 2012 R2 64-bit.
    19 September 2014
    • Added support for Windows Server 2012 64-bit for the Resource Manager (RM), Media Control Platform (MCP), and CTI Connector (CTIC) components.
    15 July 2014

    Document Corrections
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    GVP 8.5 User's Guide
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    Multiple Documents

    Date Features

    19 December 2014

    19 September 2014

    15 July 2014

    Follow the instructions in:

    15 July 2014

    Two new features require some configuration, following deployment:
    GVP 8.5.1 components are compatible with GVP 8.5 components not yet on version 8.5.1.

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