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CPA Configuration Options That Can be Overwritten

SUMMARY: Two changes to text The next publication of the The Genesys Voice Platform 8.1 User's Guide will include this revision:
CHAPTER: Appendix B: Media Control Platform Reference Information
SECTION: CPA Configuration Options That Can be Overwritten

The following change is required on page 447:

Call Progress Analysis (CPA) configuration options can be overwritten by the gvp.service parameters in the IVR Profile. The IVR Profile service parameter must be prefixed by voicexml.gvp.config for VoiceXML services, and by msml.gvp.config for MSML services.

In the above text, change "and by msml.gvp.config for MSML services" to "and by cpd.gvp.config for MSML services".

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