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Move MCP configurations options to the respective table

SUMMARY: A few MCP configuration options are listed in the MRCP Server Configuration Options table. Move them to the MCP Configuration Options table.

The next publication of the GVP 8.5 User's Guide will include this revision:

CHAPTER: Chapter 7: Configuring the Media Control Platform

SECTION: Important MRCP Server Configuration Options

On page 191, Table 24: Selected MRCP Server Configuration Options includes the following two MCP configuration options:

  • ASR Resource Reservation (page 191)
  • TTS Resource Reservation (page 192)

Move these two options to Table 23: Selected Media Control Platform Configuration Options on page 156:

  • Add ASR Resource Reservation after ASR Engine Default on page 156
  • Add TTS Resource Reservation after TTS Engine Default on page 187
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