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Improved RURI Capability for VXML

SUMMARY: Add a note about a new parameter to the GVP User Guide.

DOCUMENT: The next publication of the GVP 8.5 User's Guide will include these revisions.

CHAPTER: Chapter 4, Chapter 4: Configuring the Resource Manager.

SECTION: Configuring Logical Resource Groups

Add this note to Table 14: Logical Group Section Configuration Options, on page 93:

You can now direct Resource Manager to not use the capability specified in the gvp.rm.resource-req param of an INVITE Request URI for selecting a VXML resource when falling back to VXML after CTIC returns a 404 error. Use a new configuration option in the Gateway LRG section in order to achieve this functionality. remove-ruri-capability-on-fallback
Section: Gateway Resource group section
Valid Values: true or false (default)
Set to true to disable Resource Manager's use of the gvp.rm.resource-req option for VXML fallback after a CTIC 404 error.
Set to false, to enable Resource Manager's use of gvp.rm.resource-req.
Note: This option is NOT available during configuration of a Gateway Resource Group via Genesys Administrator. Specify this parameter manually in the Gateway Logical Resource Group (GW LRG) section, using the format remove-ruri-capability-on-fallback = true (or = false).

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