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Correction: bargein property's behavior with interpreters

SUMMARY: Behavior of the bargein property with GVP interpreters is missing from the VXML Help. (GVP-7433)

The next publication of the GVP 8.1 Voice XML Help will include this revision:

HELP TOPIC: Standard VoiceXML > Properties
SECTION: Prompt and Collect Properties Barge-in
ADD THE RED TEXT to the existing table row:

Property Description Default Value
bargein Controls whether user input can be collected before prompts have finished playing:
  • true—Any user input can barge in during prompts.
  • false—No user input can barge in during prompts.

How bargein interacts with interpreters

In the legacy VoiceGenie interpreter, the application can set the value of the bargein property to dtmf. When this value is set, only DTMF input stops the prompt, whereas a start-of-speech that is detected by the speech recognizer does not.

The Next Generation Interpreter (NGI) does not support this feature. In NGI, VCR controls are enabled even though bargein is set to true. For example, pressing 5 will pause audio that is playing.

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