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Table 1 in the Media Server Deployment Guide

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Table 1: DNs Supported by GVP and Media Server
DN Type Solution applies to: Protocol Usage Can be recorded by SIP Server? Generates TEvents? Allows ICON reporting? GQM support
VoIP Service SIP Server, GQM, HPE SIP/MSML Media services including music-on-hold, conferencing, call parking (treatments), call recording No No No No
Voice Treatment Port (VTP) GVP SIP Legacy IVR ports for both inbound and outbound IVR calls Yes Yes Yes No – due in GQM 8.1.50

CPD for outbound solution: ASM mode, transfer mode, and proactive notification
Outbound GVP IVR calls (SSG)
HPE also uses this DN type for inbound GVP IVR calls

Yes Yes Yes No – due in GQM 8.1.50
Trunk DN GVP SIP Inbound GVP IVR calls No No No No
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