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CCP Metric 1013 not logged or sent to Reporting Server

SUMMARY: Explain why the CCP Metric (event 1013) is not logged nor sent to Reporting Server.

The next publication of the GVP 8.5 User's Guide will contain this correction:
CHAPTER: Chapter 3: Configuring Common Features
SECTION: Configuring Reporting
ADD THIS NOTE to the end of Table 6: Default Log and Metrics Filters on page 60-61:

Note concerning the CCP metric 1013: In general, all events must associate with a session ID. But this CCP metric 1013 occurs before a session ID is created, and at that moment the session ID is NULL. Generating an event report fails when any session ID value is NULL; for that reason, CCP metric 1013 is not logged and is not sent to Reporting Server.
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