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Missing Audio File Solution

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SUMMARY: Now you can compensate for a missing default audio file for an announcement, to avoid a silent announcement. (GVP-21227)

The next publication of the Genesys Media Server 8.5 Deployment Guide will include this revision:

CHAPTER: Chapter 3, Media Server Functions
SECTION: Media File Archives

If a codec is negotiated but the codec-specific audio file is missing, Media Server must make a substitution, and it looks for a default file in the location specified by the request URI.

You must specify the filename extension (and thus, its media type). Thus, you have two tasks:

  1. Place a default audio file in the location specified by the request URI, with the appropriate extension for the media type (.au or .wav).
  2. Specify the extension by using this option:
    Option: annc.defaultaudioext
    Application: Media Control Platform
    Section: netann
    Valid Values: .wav (default) or .au
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