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Multiple Parameter Support in Operational Parameter Management

The next publication of the GVP 8.5 User's Guide will include these revisions:
CHAPTER: Chapter 6: Provisioning IVR Profiles
SECTION: Operational Parameter Management and Self-Service Applications, on page 123

EDIT the third paragraph in this section as follows:
Once configured in GAX, an OPM set can be assigned to a routing strategy or configured within a GVP IVR Profile, or even both. GVP supports up to two parameter sets multiple parameters when using OPM in GAX, but only a single parameter group per IVR Profile (application) and is configured as a setting in the IVR Profile. When the VoiceXML application executes, the GVP interpreter fetches the named parameter set for use as operational variables within the application.

ADD this note below the third paragraph:

Look for the dbid for the list object in GAX, not in GA. To make this value appear in GAX, modify your User Preferences, under the Configuration Manager category, to Show DBID.
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