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How to Access a nomatch DTMF Result

SUMMARY: The GVP 8.1 Genesys VoiceXML Help states a variable incorrectly.

The next publication of the GVP 8.1 Voice XML Help will include this revision:
HELP TOPIC: Standard VoiceXML > VoiceXML Tags > <field>
    scroll down 3/4 of the way to the bottom of this topic

CORRECTION: The text in red will be added to the next published version of GVP Genesys VoiceXML Help.
. . .
"The field shadow variable is only set if the user's input is recognized and the field name variable is set, according to the Field Variable Assignment rules. The styleapplication.lastresult$.nomatchdtmf object has corresponding properties which are set after every utterance, even if a nomatch occurs or the recognition result is not used to set the field variable. Also, when any shadow variable is not set, its value will be ECMAScript undefined."

What is this variable used for?

When someone dials a wrong number or makes a similar mistake, GVP generates the wrong DTMF result, nomatch. Some customers require that information to resolve that problem, and the variable containing that information is misnamed in Genesys VXML documentation. The Genesys variable that contains this information is styleapplication.lastresult$.nomatchdtmf.

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