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Resource Manager IP Address and Local Host Name no longer mandatory parameters

SUMMARY: These parameters should be removed from a procedure because they are no longer mandatory.

The next publication of the VP Solution 8.1 Integration Guide will contain this correction:
CHAPTER: Chapter 12: Configuration Tasks for CTI Through IVR Server
SECTION: Integrating with IVR Server in In-Front Mode
REMOVE THESE BULLET POINTS from Procedure: Configuring the CTI Connector for IVR In-Front on pages 183-184:

2. On the Options tab, select Mandatory Options from the View drop-down list and configure the following mandatory parameters:
    •   •   •
*Resource Manager IP Address—Enter the IP address and SIP port for the Resource Manager in the following format:
For example:

  • IVR Client Name—Enter the login name of the IVR Server Application object, as it appears in Management Framework.
  • IVR Server Host IP Address—Enter the IP address of the IVR Server host.

*Local Host Name—Enter the IP address of the CTI Connector host.

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