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GVP 8.1+ Handles Play Treatment and Play Application Differently

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SUMMARY: The GVP 8.x Next Generation Interpreter (NGi) handles treatments differently. (GVP-15176)

The next publication of the GVP 8.1 Application Migration Guide will include this revision:
CHAPTER: Chapter 3: Migrating to GVP 8.1 NGi
SECTION: VoiceXML $-Variables
ADD THIS NOTE to Table 11: Mapping $-Variable Functionality, below $sid$ and above $scriptdata$:

Variable Description NGI Equivalent
$sid$ The value of the Script ID as generated by the Queue Adapter or the IVR Server Client. Not supported
Note: Script ID is a parameter supplied by the routing strategy during play treatment and play application.
  • GVP 7.x uses the GVP Interpreter (GVPi), which executes treatments in the 7.x studio application branches, based upon script ID.
  • GVP 8.1 and later use the Next Generation Interpreter (NGi), and the routing strategy supplies the treatment/application URL directly. The URL is sent by IVR Server to CTIC and then to MCP, where it is executed. (MCP still receives the Script ID, but does not use it.)
$scriptdata$ The URL link to the page that the CFA generated in response to run script requests from the IVR Server Client. Not supported.
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