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New keyword Record for gvp:dest Attribute of VXML <log> tag

SUMMARY: To support IVR Recording the <log> tag attribute gvp:dest has a new value: record.

The next publication of the GVP 8.1 Voice XML Help will include these revisions:

HELP TOPIC: Standard VoiceXML > VoiceXML Tags
SECTION: Attributes
This table gets a new item in an existing row...

Attribute Description
gvp:dest This attribute specifies a space-separated list of files (<dest1> ..<destN>) to which the message generated by this log should be written. The valid values are:

. . .

  • Recordβ€”To support IVR recording, the record destination specifies these recording commands, which do what their names suggest: Start, Pause, Resume, and Stop.
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