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Call Progress Detection section

SUMMARY: Two changes to text The next publication of the GVP 8.5 User's Guide will include this revision:
CHAPTER: Chapter 11: Configuring the Supplementary Services Gateway
SECTION: Call Progress Detection

The following two changes are required:

  • Call Progress Detection (Page 251)
    SIP Server selects a CPD provider (Media Gateway or Media Server), and sets the appropriate CPD mode. If it is configured for both providers, the Media Gateway takes precedence as the CPD provider. SIP Server is also responsible for receiving the CPD result from the CPD provide, and pass it to the Supplementary Services Gateway through the corresponding T-Event.
    In the above paragraph, provide should be replaced with provider.
  • Table 31: CPD Attributes (page 253)
    Attribute - postconnecttimeout
    Description - Specifies the timeout interval (in seconds or milliseconds) for the post connect scenario. This value is passed to SIP Server in the TMakePredictiveCall request. SIP Server starts the timer starts when the outbound call is connected. If the timer expires without a call result detected, SIP Server sends the EventEstablsihed TEvent with the CallState attribute set to Unknown to the Supplementary Services Gateway
    The word starts after timer is not required.
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