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Reliable Connection Retry

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SUMMARY: Resource Manager (RM) can now resend a failed SIP request message—specifically, a TCP message for non-INVITE client transactions—using a reliable channel, instead of immediately sending an error to the originator of the request. (GVP-21311)
Three new gateway parameters enable this behavior.

Configure Reliable Connection Retry

Follow these steps to specify the parameters correctly:

  1. Open Genesys Administrator.
  2. Select the Resource Manager Application.
  3. Open the section Connections and select the Gateway where the parameters will be added.
  4. Click Edit and select the Advanced tab.
  5. Enter all three parameters listed below into the Application Parameters text box, separated by semicolons:
    • retrydest-on-conerr=<ipaddress:port>
    • connerr-retry-timeout=<timeout> (in milliseconds)
    • connerr-max-retries=<attempts>

    For example:
    retrydest-on-conerr=; connerr-retry-timeout=3000; connerr-max-retries=10

    See Parameters Used in Reliable Connection Retry for details about these parameters.

With this feature enabled, the message is re-sent until…

  • …the connection succeeds — RM forwards the received successful response to the originator of the request.
  • …the retries number (connerr-max-retries) is reached — RM tries to connect again, every time that connerr-retry-timeoutis reached.
  • …the timeout value (Timer_F) is reached — RM returns a 408 Request Timeout response code to the originator of the request.
RM adds these parameters to the X-Genesys-Session-ID header while forwarding the INVITE request to MCP from a specific SIP-S gateway resource. Thus, any SIP request that is made from MCP to SIP-S via RM for the call would contain these configured parameters inside the message.

Parameters Used in Reliable Connection Retry

Parameter: retrydest-on-conerr
Valid values: <IPAddress:Port>)

  • IPAddress is the same IP Address where the message was previously sent. If not specified or incorrect, then Resource Manager does not retry.
  • Port is a valid port. If not specified or invalid, Resource Manager uses the default 5060.

Specifies the destination that Resource Manager uses to retry the connection for sending a message, following a connection error.
Required: connerr-max-retries > 1.

Parameter: connerr-retry-timeout
Valid values: A positive integer that specifies milliseconds. The default is 3000 (3 seconds).
Specifies how much time Resource Manager waits, after a connection error, for the before it retries the connection.

Parameter: connerr-max-retries
Valid values: A non-negative integer.
Specifies the number of retries. Any positive number >1 enables this function. Any other value, including omission or no value (the default), disables it.

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