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GVP Troubleshooting Guide

Welcome to the Genesys Voice Platform 8.1 Troubleshooting Guide. This document provides information about Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps, as well as basic troubleshooting information for the Genesys Voice Platform (GVP).

The section Troubleshooting options in this document includes information from version 8.5 of GVP. Otherwise, this document is valid only for the 8.1 release(s) of this product.

About GVP

GVP is a group of software components that constitute a robust, carrier-grade voice processing platform. GVP unifies voice and web technologies to provide a complete solution for customer self-service or assisted service. In the Voice Platform Solution (VPS), GVP 8.1 is fully integrated with the Genesys Management Framework.

GVP uses the Genesys Administrator, the standard Genesys configuration and management graphical user interface (GUI), to configure, tune, activate, and manage GVP processes and GVP voice and call control applications. GVP interacts with other Genesys components, and it can be deployed in conjunction with other solutions, such as Enterprise Routing Solution (ERS), Network Routing Solution (NRS), and Network-based Contact Solution (NbCS).

Intended audience

This document is primarily intended for system administrators, technical support, partners, and customers who are deploying and troubleshooting small, medium, or large single-tenant Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) environments.

This document assumes that you have moderate experience with GVP, either by having attended a Genesys University course, or having worked with Genesys Professional Services on the GVP system.

This document also assumes that you have a basic understanding of these topics:

  • Computer-telephony integration (CTI) concepts, processes, terminology, and applications
  • Network design and operation
  • Your own network configurations
  • GVP basic operations
  • SNMP traps

You should also be familiar with Genesys Framework architecture and functions.

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