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Locating Installation Package Versions

The GVP application log file will print the installation package version during process startup, or you can locate the version using the following procedures.


  1. To locate the installation package (IP) version of your GVP system, right-click the GVP executable program:
    • Media Control Platform—pwcallmgr.exe
    • MRCP Proxy—srmproxy.exe
    • Fetching Module (If installing GVP 8.1.0 or 8.1.1)—pwproxy.exe
    • Resource Manager—resourcemgr.exe
    • Call Control Platform—ccpccxml.exe
    • CTI Connector—cticonnector.exe
    • Supplementary Services Gateway—SSG.exe
    • PSTN Connector—PSTNConnector.exe
    • T-Server-CUCM to Media Server Connector—UCMConnector.exe
  2. Go to the Properties > Version tab.
  3. In the Other Version Information block, check the File Version value and report.


  • Use the following command:
    strings <GVP executable or .so> | grep '\$Id:' | grep 'Build:'


  • [pw@marsanne bin]$ strings pwcallmgr | grep '\$Id:' | grep 'Build:'
    $Id: Media Control Platform: GVP 8.0 (Build: $
    @(#)$Id: GVP Common Lib: GVP Common Lib (Build: $
    [pw@marsanne bin]$ strings libCMSIP2.so | grep '\$Id:' | grep
    $Id: Media Control Platform: GVP 8.0 (Build: $
  • You can also use the ident command:
    ident <GVP executable or .so>
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