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Contents of GVP and MS Release DVDs


SUMMARY: The contents of the release DVDs for GVP and Media Server have changed over time.

The next publication of the Genesys Voice Platform 8.5.0 Deployment Guide will include this revision:

CHAPTER: Chapter 4, Prerequisites and Planning
SECTION: GVP Installation DVDs
CHANGE THE TABLE "CD Contents" on page 185 of the PDF:

Table 9: Contents of Release DVDs
Component 8.5.0 8.1.7 8.1.6 8.1.5 8.1.4 8.1.3
Genesys Voice Platform (DVD #1)
Call Control Platform (CCP)
Reporting Server (RS)
Squid Caching Proxy
Supplementary Services Gateway (SSG)
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Connector
Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Connector
Policy Server (PS)
Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) Proxy
Genesys Media Server (DVD #2)
Resource Manager (RM)
Reporting Server (RS)
Media Control Platform (MCP)
GVP Reporting Plugin for GAX
Management Information Bases (MIB)
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