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Reading and Understanding the Ratings

This topic describes part of the functionality of Genesys Content Analyzer.

The Models tab displays a browserlike tree structure on its left-hand pane. You can use the structure as follows:

  • Select the root Models node to display a list of summary information about all models, as shown in "Models Tab: Root Node Selected." The IS ACTIVE column consists of check boxes; select one check box to select the model that will be active in classification.
Models Tab: Root Node Selected
  • Select a model node to display detailed information about the model, as shown in "Models Tab: Model Node Selected."
Models Tab: Model Node Selected
  • If a model has been tested (Testing Models), its node can expand to display ratings nodes, as shown in "Models Tab: Ratings Nodes Displayed."
Models Tab: Ratings Nodes Displayed
      The ratings node label has the form Model <modelname>[<ratingsource>], where <ratingsource> is either ‘CrossValidation or on<testObjectName> Testing Object/Time=<date time>. For example, in Models Tab: Ratings Nodes Displayed, the Model New04 has two sets of ratings. One is from cross-validation applied during generation of the model, and the other is from testing the model on the training object Bobs01.
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