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Language Detection Model

As part of Content Analyzer, Genesys provides a model that classifies e-mails as English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish.
To import this model and its training object, use the following procedure.

Importing a language classification model

  1. Select unknown as the language. If there is no such language you must create one in Configuration Manager (see Notes on Language).
  2. Select the Import command.
  3. Click Browse and navigate to <KnowledgeManagerHome>\LanguageModel\lang.kme. <KnowledgeManagerHome> is normally C:\Program Files\GCTI\eServices 8.1.0\Knowledge Manager.
  4. Click OK.

The training object consists of seven categories, one for each language. Each category contains a number of text objects in its language. You can add more text objects to these categories as well. This could be especially valuable if you have a collection of text objects (such as e-mails) whose subject matter relates to your business. After you add text objects, you must train a new model to take advantage of the added data.

You can also add other languages to the model, as follows:

Procedure: Adding more languages to the model

  1. On the Categories tab (still with unknown selected as the language), add a category for the new language to the LanguageDetection category tree.
  2. On the Training tab, select the LanguageDetection training object, then select the new language category in the training object.
  3. Add text objects in the language.
  4. Train a new model that includes the new language.

You can do this for any language supported by E-mail Server (E-mail Server supports all languages that are supported by the version of JRE that is supplied with Genesys eServices). However, Genesys has not tested any language other than those listed above.

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