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Adding Uncategorized E-Mails Using TO Data Analyzer

This topic describes part of the functionality of Genesys Content Analyzer.

If you have a sizeable database of uncategorized e-mails, the TO Data Analyzer can help you to:

  • Group the uncategorized e-mails and build a category tree for them.
  • Assign the uncategorized e-mails to existing categories.

In the most basic terms, the TO Data Analyzer does the following:

  1. It shows you all uncategorized e-mails one at a time, in an order determined by criteria that you set (if you set no criteria, it shows them in the order in which they were created).
  2. As each e-mail displays, you choose whether to include it in a holding area.
  3. You then assign the e-mails in the holding area to a category. This can be an existing category or a new one that you create.

The TO Data Analyzer contains the following tabs:

  • Main—Displays uncategorized e-mails one at a time for you to categorize
  • Search Criteria—Sets the criterion determining the order that uncategorized e-mails are displayed in
  • Indexing—Displays information on co-occurrence of words in uncategorized e-mails

An example of using TO Data Analyzer is available.

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