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Add Outbound Messages

This topic describes part of the functionality of Genesys Content Analyzer.

The Add outbound categorized messages check box, shown in the figure "New Training Object Dialog Box," behaves differently depending on the version of UCS that Knowledge Manager is operating with.

  • If Knowledge Manager is operating with UCS 7.6 or later, the checkbox is disabled. The new training object includes both of the following (as delineated by any time interval and agent list that you set):
    • Categorized inbound e-mails
    • Uncategorized inbound e-mails whose parent is a categorized outbound e-mail.
  • If Knowledge Manager is operating with UCS 7.5, the check box is enabled, and has the following effects:
    • Not selected (the default): The training object includes only categorized messages that are inbound and are first in their thread.
    • Selected: The training object includes all categorized messages, both inbound and outbound.

Selecting this check box may be helpful in a situation in which agents do not categorize inbound e-mails, but do categorize the outbound e-mails that they generate in reply. In such a situation you may have an unacceptably small number of categorized e-mails unless you add categorized outbound e-mails. However, note that selecting this check box adds all outbound categorized messages, and those outbound messages that are replies may have content that is not very relevant to the category of the original e-mail.

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