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Creating Standard Responses

Creating Standard Responses includes:

  • Creating or Editing a Standard Response—Also shown in the video lower down on this page.
  • Language and Dictionary Names
  • Filling Out the HTML part Tab
  • Filling Out the Additional Tab
  • The Attachments Tab
  • The History Tab

  • You create standard responses on the Categories tab of the Knowledge Manager User Interface. If you want to use field codes in a standard response you must create them on the Field Codes tab.

    You can create two versions of a standard response, one in plain text format and one in HTML format, by filling out the HTML part tab. When E-mail Server uses the standard response to create an e-mail (for example, when generating an acknowledgment), it creates a multipart e-mail that includes both plain text and HTML versions. Then the settings of the e-mail client that receives the e-mail determine which version displays.

    You should be aware that e-mail clients may display multipart e-mails in varying ways. For example, if Microsoft Outlook has AutoPreview turned on, the preview may show the plain text version whereas the full display shows the HTML version. For this reason you should be careful that the plain text and HTML versions have identical content.

    To create and edit an HTML version of a standard response, you must have Internet Explorer 5.5 or later on the same host as Knowledge Manager.

    Here is a video demonstrating the creation of a standard response.

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