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FAQ Category Tree Subtab: Viewing and Testing

After you have finished configuring the category tree, you can display the result on the FAQ Category Tree subtab, as shown in "FAQ Category Tree Tab."

FAQ Category Tree Tab

The FAQ Category tree is a preview of the FAQ object using a format similar to the sample described previously in Sample FAQ .jar File.
Selecting a category on the FAQ Category Tree subtab produces the following results:

  • The Category FAQ Attributes area displays the question and answer for the category that is selected on the center pane.
  • In the Test FAQ area, click Get All FAQ to display a list of all categories contained in the selected category (and its subcategories), along with the question and frequency for each.

Text in the text box has no effect on this action. Categories that have questions but no answers do not appear on this list.

In the Test FAQ area, enter a sample question in the text box, then click Get Answer to display the answers that the system provides for the sample question at the selected level of the tree. (If the FAQ object does not include a model, this button is dimmed.) An example is shown in "Test FAQ: Get Answer."

Test FAQ: Get Answer

The figure "Test FAQ: Get Answer" shows the result of the question "Do you have recordings of dance music conducted by Ormandy?" with the Music category selected, as in the figure "FAQ Category Tree Tab," for the category tree in question.

The bottom pane lists all answers supplied by the system, showing the category name, question, frequency (meaning the number of text objects associated with the category in the training object, also shown as <number> on the Full Category Tree tab display), and confidence rating, as described in Reading and Understanding the Ratings.

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