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Procedure: Filling out the Additional Tab

  1. You must specify the possible uses of the standard response by using the check boxes on the Additional tab, shown in "Standard Response, Additional Tab."
  2. Standard Response, Additional Tab
    The possible uses are:
  1. Acknowledgment—The standard response may be sent to acknowledge receipt of an incoming interaction.
  2. Autoresponse —The standard response may be used as an automatic response to an incoming interaction.
  3. Suggestions to Agent —The standard response may be offered to agents as suggested wording to use in their own replies to interactions.
  4. FAQ—The standard response may supply the answer for an item in an FAQ object. This use type applies only with Genesys Content Analyzer.
  • For each usage type, you must also specify this standard response as Active or not. Each category may have multiple standard responses of each usage type, but only one standard response of a given usage type can be Active. For more information on this point, see "The Meaning of Active" below.
  • Specify the status using the Approved check box. Only Approved standard responses can appear in Routing objects.
  • Use the other check boxes and fields on this tab to specify the owner, date modified, start date, and expiration date if any.
    • If a standard response’s expiration date has been reached, it has the following effects:
      • The standard response is not shown in IRD, so it cannot be used in a new or modified strategy.
      • If this standard response was saved in a strategy before the expiration date was reached, E-mail Server does not send the standard response, but returns an error message.
      Next Steps
    • Read further information about "The Meaning of Active" below.
    • Use The Attachments Tab to add an attachment to the standard response.
    • Maintain multiple versions of the standard response on the The History Tab.
    • Search for a Standard Response.
    • Create Field Codes to use in your standard responses.

    The Meaning of Active

    • Purpose of Active: There are times when the system must select, without immediate user input, a standard response of a given usage type for a given category. If there are multiple standard responses of a single usage type for the category in question, the system selects the one that is designated as Active .
    • Changing the Active standard response: If you attempt to select Active for a Standard Response (either a new one or an existing one), and there is already an Active Standard Response with that usage type for that category, Knowledge Manager offers to take the previously Active Standard Response out of Active status, displaying the message shown in "Changing the Active Standard Response."
    Changing the Active Standard Response
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