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Schedule Training

This topic describes part of the functionality of Genesys Content Analyzer.

When you have a training object with enough e-mails, you are ready to schedule training.

There are the following two options:

  • You can schedule training that uses an existing scheduled job as a template. This is a convenient way to change the time that an existing job is scheduled to run. To do this:
    1. On the Training Schedule tab, right-click the existing job that you want to use as a template.
    2. From the context menu, select New Training Job (Use this Job as Template).
  • You can create a new training job from scratch. To do this, on the Tools menu of the Training tab, select Schedule New Model Training.
    Both options bring up the Model Training Schedule dialog box. With option 1, the fields of the dialog box are populated with values copied from the existing job that was used as a template. With option 2, the fields are populated with default values, as shown in "Model Training Schedule: Model Options Tab."
    This dialog box, which has two tabs, opens on the Model Options tab.
    Model Training Schedule: Model Options Tab
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