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Custom Variables

In addition to the system variables, you can use Knowledge Manager to create custom variables. Custom variables have the following properties:

  • Their values are assigned by strategy objects.
  • Therefore, standard responses that use field codes containing custom variables must have the usage type Autoresponse or Acknowledgment.

For an example of the use of a custom variable in a standard response, see Procedure‚ Using a custom variable. For a complete description of the Routing objects that can use custom variables, see the Universal Routing 8.1 Reference Manual.

The names of custom variables must begin with an alphabetic character or underscore, and the remainder of the name must consist only of alphanumeric characters or underscores. This differs from the requirements for the names of other Knowledge Manager objects, which may also contain hyphen and space. For example, 5-usercode is not an acceptable name for a custom variable, but it is acceptable as the name of a screening rule or category.
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