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Procedure: Searching for a Standard Response

You can search for the standard responses that are associated with a selected category and its subcategories.

  1. Select a category on the Category Tree pane.
  2. Right-click anywhere in the Category Tree pane and select Find Standard Responses from the shortcut menu, as shown in "Find Standard Responses".
  3. Find Standard Responses
      The search function searches for standard responses associated with the selected category and all of its subcategories.
  • The Find Standard Responses in Subcategories of Category: <name> dialog box appears, as shown in "Find Standard Responses Dialog, Main Tab"
  • Find Standard Responses Dialog, Main Tab
  • Enter a string to search for in the Search For field (if there is nothing in this field, the system reports Empty search pattern). Select Use Regular Expressions if you want the search to treat the string as a regular expression. For more information see Regular Expressions.
  • Select check boxes to search in the text of the standard response, its name, its description, or any combination. The Search in Text box is selected by default (if none of these check boxes is selected, the system reports No Standard Responses have been found).

  • Important
    When the Search in Text box is selected, Knowledge Manager searches both plain text and HTML versions.
  • Go to the Advanced tab, shown in "Find Standard Responses Dialog, Advanced Tab", to select further attributes, in any combination.
  • Find Standard Responses Dialog, Advanced Tab
  • Click Find. The dialog box displays the name, category, and description of all standard responses found. Click Exit to close the dialog box.
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