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Screening for Sentiment and Actionability

You can use Genesys Knowledge Management to analyze interactions that have been brought into the system by Genesys Social Messaging Management.

Genesys supplies a sample that analyzes these interactions for:

  • The sentiment expressed—Positive, negative, or neutral.
  • Actionability—Whether the interaction calls for attention from an agent.

To use this sample, import the file SentimentAndActionabilityScreeningRules.kme, which is located in the KnowledgeManagerHome\SentimentModel directory. See the section Importing Knowledge Management Objects.

This file provides examples of screening rules for detecting sentiment and actionability, plus category trees containing categories that are assigned to interactions that match the rules.

If you have Genesys Content Analyzer, you can use it to analyze sentiment and actionability, as described in Analyzing Sentiment and Actionability with Content Analyzer.

For more information on Genesys Social Messaging Management, see the eServices Social Media Solution Guide.

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