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Requesting Time Off

Use the Time Off calendar to add a new time-off request, but first, watch the video.

Creating a Time-Off Request

To request time off:

  1. Select the check box next to each date for which you want to add a time-off request.
    For example, if you want to see an entire month, select all dates in that month.
  2. Click New.
    The Inserting New Time-Off Items dialog box opens. The Time-Off Limits grid appears at the top of this dialog box. Timesteps that you cannot select in the grid, (because of limits or constraints) are colored red.
  3. Select the time-off type from the drop-down list.
  4. If this is a request for a full day off, select the Full Day check box.
    If you work a different number of hours on different days of the week, you must enter the number of paid hours here, so that the system deducts the appropriate hours from your time-off balance.
  5. Specify the exact hours and minutes in your full day by entering or selecting them in the Paid Time drop-down list box.
    You must select the Full Day check box and the Paid Time check box.
  6. For part-day requests, clear the Full Day check box and enter a start and end time for the request.
  7. Click Submit, or, to discard a request, click Cancel.
You cannot clear (or select) the check box for a time-off type that you can no longer use. (These time-off types appear below the "—Others—" legend in the drop-down list box in the Time Off window.) Also, in step 5 above the Paid Time check box is visible only if your systems administrator has configured WFM to enable you to enter paid time for full-day time-off requests.

If WFM successfully processes your requests, the Time Off window reappears and displays your new time-off settings. If the server returns error messages, WFM opens a window containing the errors in a list. Click Close to return to the main Time Off view.

WFM declines time-off requests that violate the terms of your contract. WFM might also decline requests that fall on a day with a granted day off, granted availability with duration of 0 in the calendar, or a rotating pattern day off. Ask your supervisor about this, if it happens.

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