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Viewing Community Proposals

Use the Community Proposals window to examine, and respond to, schedule trade proposals offered to all agents. Depending on WFM Web's setup at your site, community proposals can be offered to all agents on your team or to all agents on all teams.

The window includes standard date selectors and a table of proposals, whose general controls are described in Trading Windows' Common Features.

Viewing Your Schedule Information

The first row of the Community Proposals view always displays your schedule information, against a differently colored background. Click on your name to view your schedule details for selected week in a pop-up window.

About the Proposals Table

The table is sorted by Agent Name. It shows only proposals whose status is Open they have not expired, are not in review, and have not been accepted, confirmed, declined, or cancelled.

The table includes the following details:

  • In the first (Re) column, an asterisk (*) indicates that you have already responded to the trading proposal on this row.
  • In the Agent Name column, you can click to display an originating agent's Schedule Details pop-up.

How to Respond to a Proposal

  • In the Action column, click WM 813 accept.png respond if you want to trade schedules.

    The Trading Comments window opens, in which you can add a comment and submit your response.
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