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Deleting Time-Off Requests

Use the Time Off calendar to remove previously made time-off requests, but first, watch the video.

If a time-off request is Granted, and the auto-granting feature is off, you cannot use the time-off views to remove the time-off request. Ask a supervisor to make the change for you.

If the auto-granting feature is enabled, then you can remove granted time off that has not passed the auto-granting lead time listed in the balance pane.

For example, if the granted time-off request is three weeks in the future and the lead time is set to two weeks, then the granted time-off request can be removed. However, if the granted time-off request is only one week in the future, then the request cannot be removed because it has passed the lead time.

To delete time-off requests:

  1. Select the check boxes for the days with time-off requests you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete.
    The Deleting Time-Off Items window opens, displaying the time-off requests for the days you selected. By default, all are selected.
  3. Clear the check boxes for time-off requests that you do not want to remove your time-off preferences. All selected time-off requests will be deleted.
  4. Click Submit or, to keep your time-off requests on the calendar, click Cancel.
    The Time Off window reappears, displaying your updated time-off settings.
You cannot clear (or select) the check box for a time-off type that you can no longer use. (These time-off types appear below the "—Others—" legend in the drop-down list box in the Time Off window.)
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