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Viewing Other Agents' Schedule Details

Use the Schedule Details pop-up window to help identify agents with whom you want to trade schedules. It displays details about another agent's scheduled activities, with start and end times, on each day of the selected week.

About the Schedule Details Pop-Up

The pop-up window displays schedule details for the agent and week identified along the top. The table contains the following columns:

Column Description
Date Each day of the selected week appears on a separate row.
Paid hours The agent's paid hours for this date.
Scheduled activities Names of the schedule items for this agent on this date.
Scheduled Attendance:
Start time, End time
Shows the agent's scheduled start and end time for the listed activities.
Some types of exceptions do not appear by name. Instead they are marked by the generic label Exception. These exceptions have been configured by the system administrator to be nontradeable.

Using the Schedule Details Pop-Up

  • If some information is hidden offscreen, use the scroll bar along the right edge to reveal it.
  • To close the pop-up window, click its close box in the upper right corner.
  • To display a different week, first close this pop-up to restore the previous window. Then change the date in that window, and click the same agent's link in that week's display.
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