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Bidding Assignment Sort View

You reached this window by clicking the Sort button in the Bidding Assignment Pane.

Use the Sort dialog to display the available schedules in the Bidding assignment Window in a special order, in this way:

  1. Select a day of the week and then a second characteristic which will apply to schedules with shifts on that day.
  2. Select one of these radio buttons:
    Control Description
    Day of the Week Select one day only: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat.
    Earliest Shift Start Sort by shift start time (default). Days Off are listed after all schedule days with shifts.
    Earliest Meal Start Sort by first meal start time. Schedules which contain shifts without meals are listed after all schedules which contain shifts with meals.
    Total Weekly Paid hours Sort by total weekly paid hours.
  3. Select a sorting method: either Ascending or Descending.
  4. Click Submit, or click Cancel to abandon the dialog without making your changes.
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