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If your time-off request is eligible for autogranting, but there is no appropriate time slot available, WFM will "wait-list" the request until that time becomes available and then autogrant it, (autogrant must be enabled).

WFM uses wait-listing to put into a queue, agents who request unavailable time off, the order of which is determined by the time each request was made. If the time slot becomes available, agents in that queue are granted their requests, in first-come, first served order. Ask your supervisor if this process is automatic or depends on the wait-list and autogrant settings that are specified by the WFM administrator.

To see how many others are present on a timestep's wait list, in the Time Off calendar, click the cursor on that timestep. A date-and-time information box appears, which also displays the label Wait-List followed by the number of people who are currently in the queue for time off in that time step.

In addition, the information box displays the label Time-Off Limit and the corresponding number for that timestep.

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