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Bidding Details View

You reached this view from the Bidding Assignment pane by clicking on one of the schedule names, or on a week within any schedule.

Click on the name of a multiple-week schedule name to display all weeks in that schedule.

Click on a single week within a multiple-week schedule (or on the name of a 1-week schedule) to display a single week.

Understanding the Bidding Details View

The top line of this view displays the schedule name on the left side and the schedule date range on the right side. The columns are:

Column Description
Date Shows each date during the week.
Paid hours Shows how many hours of paid work you are scheduled for on each day.
Schedule details Shows what activities you are scheduled to perform each day. This column also shows break information.
Scheduled attendance Start time Shows when you are scheduled to start your shift and the start time for each activity and break during your workday.
Scheduled attendance End time Shows when you are scheduled to end your shift and the end time for each activity and break during the workday.

If you click on a single week, or if the schedule contains only 1 week, the display will show a single week within the schedule.

If you click on the name of a schedule that contains multiple weeks, the display will show multiple weeks in the schedule.

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