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Bidding Scenarios View

You reached this view by clicking on Bidding in the menu bar.

This view displays all schedule scenarios that are available for bidding, and you can open any of those scenarios to view the schedules and assign bids. Each row in this view displays one bidding scenario, and these columns present information about each bidding scenario:

Control Description
Scenario Name Displays the name of a bidding scenario.
Bidding End Name Displays the bidding scenario’s bidding end date/time.
Days Remaining Displays number of remaining days until the scenario closes for bidding.
Scenario Start Displays the start date for which the schedule will be effective.
Scenario End Displays the final date for which the schedule will be effective.

Opening a Bidding Scenario

To examine a bidding scenario, click on its link in the Scenario Name column.

The Bidding Assignment pane for that scenario opens.

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