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Adding and Editing Shift Preferences

First, find out why you would use Preferences. See Preferences and Patterns.

Use the Preferences Overview pane to add your shift preferences:

  1. Click Add Shift.
  2. In the Date drop-down menu, select a date.
  3. In the Shifts drop-down menu, select a shift.
  4. Select a Start Time and End Time and check Next Day, if applicable.
  5. In the Comments field, enter any applicable comments.
  6. Click OK to submit the entry, or Cancel to discard it and close the dialog window.
When adding a shift to your preferences, you will see fewer available start times or possibly no applicable start times, depending on the time zone you selected. In this case, select either the site time zone or try another time zone.

Editing Shift Preferences

Use the Preferences Overview pane to edit Shift preferences. See Editing and Deleting Preferences.

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