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Getting Started

With Workforce Management (WFM) Web for Agents you can:

  • View your schedule (on your desktop or iPhone).
  • Select a scenario for schedule bidding.
  • Indicate schedule preferences.
  • See how much time off you have of each time-off type.
  • Request time off.
  • View other agents' schedules (if enabled at your site).
  • Trade your schedule days with other agents (if enabled at your site).

Opening WFM Web

You can log into WFM Web from any computer or iPhone 4, iOS 5 or later mobile device that has a web browser running JavaScript, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome. The splash screen displays when WFM Web is loading the Log In GUI.

Note that logging in using your iPhone requires that this feature be supported in your contact center. Ask your supervisor about support for this feature.

You will need the URL (web address) for WFM Web for Agents:

  1. Ask your supervisor for the URL for WFM Web for Agents (for your desktop and smartphone).
  2. After you are given this URL, add it to your browser's Favorites or Bookmarks list so that you can easily return to it.
WFM Web is optimized for a screen resolution of at least 1024x768. At lower resolutions, some elements (such as table headers) might not display correctly.

Genesys recommends that you not run WFM Web in more than one browser window on the same workstation, because doing so can cause the program to behave unexpectedly. (In other words, do not open a second browser window on the same WFM Web session by selecting File > New or pressing Ctrl+N.)

However, you can start a separate WFM Web session by launching a separate instance of your browser, then logging in to WFM Web again from that browser.

Security Features

Whether you can view other agents' schedules, and whether they can view yours, depends on how your system administrator has set up WFM Web. However, other agents can never set preferences or make vacation requests for you, nor vice versa.

To improve on system security, an enhancement enables the timestamp information from the previous login to display in the GUI the next time you log in to WFM Web through the Agent or Agent Mobile interface, alerting you of any unauthorized use of your login credentials.

Where Next?

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