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Reviewing My Responses to Other Agents' Proposals

Use the My Responses window to:

  • Review your responses to other agents' schedule trade proposals.
  • Review the status of proposals to which you have responded.
  • Cancel a pending response, if you change your mind.

The window includes standard date selectors and a table of proposals and responses, whose general controls are described in Trading Windows' Common Features.

About the Proposals and Responses Table

The table shows all of your responses to proposals whose first date is within the selected week. It is sorted by the first date of each proposal.

The Agent Name column shows the agent who posted each original proposal.

Viewing Trade Status and Canceling Responses

The Status column tells you the current status of each trade proposal/response pair. When a response is in certain statuses, you can use the Action column to cancel it:

Status: What it means: Actions you can take:
Accepted You have accepted this personal proposal or responded to this community proposal. Your response is now awaiting the proposing agent's decision. Click WM 813 basket.png cancel if you want to cancel your response.
In Review You accepted this proposal and, if required, the proposing agent approved your response. But the trade could not be auto-approved. It is awaiting a supervisor's approval. Click WM 813 basket.png cancel if you want to cancel your response.
Confirmed Both you and the proposing agent accepted the proposal, and the trade received either automatic or supervisor approval. Your trade has executed. None
Declined Your response was declined, either by the proposing agent or by a supervisor. The trade will not take place. None
Cancelled Your response was cancelled: you explicitly cancelled it, or the other agent cancelled the original proposal, or WFM Web automatically cancelled the trade because of changes to either agent's schedule. The trade will not take place. None
Expired The proposal did not receive approval by the day before its first included day. The trade will not take place. None

When you cancel a response, if your system administrator has enabled the Comments feature, the Trading Comments window opens. There, you can add a comment and complete the action by clicking submit.

For further details about requirements for a trade's approval, see Trading Overview.

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