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Adding Comments to a Trade

You can only add comments to a trade if your system administrator has enabled this feature.

Use the Trading Comments window to add comments (if you want) and then complete one of the following actions that you have begun in another window:

  • Accept, decline, cancel, or respond to a trade proposal.
  • Accept, decline, or cancel a response.

The Trading Comments window's heading text indicates the action that you are about to complete.

  1. Type your comments into the Comments text box.

    For example, you might want to indicate your reason for declining or canceling a proposal or response.

  2. Click Submit to attach your comments and complete the action. (Or click Cancel to discard your comments and cancel the action.)

    The window that opens after you click Submit depends on what trading action you are completing:
  3. Action completed Resulting window
    Accept Proposal, Respond to Proposal, or Cancel Response: Opens the My Responses window.
    Decline Proposal or Cancel Own Proposal: Returns you to the previous window.
    Accept Response or Decline Response: Opens the My Proposals window.
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