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Submitting Time-Off Bids

You submit time-off requests for an open bidding period after creating them in the Time Off pane (see Creating a Time-Off Request). WFM does not process the requests immediately, rather it delays granting the requests until the processing start date. On that date WFM grants time-off requests (within bidding period), based on your seniority and/or rank.

After submitting your requests, you will see a dialog informing you that the submitted request falls within the bidding period. If you select Proceed, the time-off request is submitted for later processing. If WFM cannot grant some of your requests during bid processing, it allows you a timeout period to change your requests to comply with time-off limits.

In the Time Off view, you will also see a pop-up dialog listing all of days, for which you requested time off. Hover your mouse over a specific day to see the request details, including its status (for example, whether or not the request has been granted). You can do this for any time-off request; not only the time-off requests that fall within a bidding period.

Enter new time-off requests or modify existing ones at any time—even after the bid assignment process has started—and your requests will be preferred wait-listed. Don't forget to change the bidding status to Ready.

Editing Time-Off Items During Bidding

Be aware, when you delete or recall any time-off item in a batch, that WFM performs the action on all of the items that were submitted in that batch, considering it one request. Also, items from the same batch can only be selected or deselected together, not separately.

Time-Off Balances

Time-off requests that are created and granted within a bidding period, appear as regular time-off items and impact your time-off balances for that specific time-off type.

E-mail Notifications of Status Change

WFM sends you e-mail notifications when the status of your time-off requests change. For example, you will receive notifications when:

  • Your time-off request is granted.
  • Your time-off request cannot be granted and your status in the time-off bidding period is changed to Waiting.
  • The time interval (set by the bid assignment process) in which you can make changes to your time-off request has expired and your status in the time-off bidding period is changed to Timed Out (meaning the bid assignment process has moved on to the next agent's request in the queue).
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