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Site Configuration

This section describes how to associate a specific group of CME Hosts/Applications to an LFMT Site.

For each LFMT Site, a separate LFMT Collector/Indexer pair of LFMT Applications must exist.

It is recommended that each set of LFMT Site Hosts/Applications reside in the same geographical location; i.e. do not add the APAC Hosts/Applications to the EMEA Site.

Associating CME Hosts/Applications to an LFMT Site

  1. In Genesys Administrator Extension, from the LFMT tile/panel, select Site Configuration

    LFMT GAX Tile.png
  2. Choose a Site (i.e. "APAC" or "EMEA") from the drop-down list.

    LFMT Site.png
  3. Select the checkboxes beside the CME Hosts/Applications that you would like to assign to the Site.

    LFMT Site Applications.png
  4. Click the Save button.
  • If a CME Host or Application does not appear in the Site Configuration list, ensure the following:
    • The expected missing Application has the [log] section configured with the option all in its configuration
    • The user logged into GAX has READ permissions for the missing CME Host/Application Objects.
  • Only Hosts/Applications assigned to an LFMT Site appear for lists in other LFMT Client sections.
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