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LFMT Alarms

This article details the LFMT Collector Alarms that are generated if/when an LFMT Collection Schedule fails.


  1. Create an Alarm Condition with ID 9600 so that LFMT Collection alarms are generated when a LFMT Collection fails.
    LFMT Alarm Condition 9600.png
  2. Ensure the respective LFMT Collector application object has a connection to the relevant Message Server.
    LFMT Application.png
    LFMT Collector Connection to MessageServer.png
  3. Based on the above configuration, if/when an LFMT Collection fails (i.e. a Workbench 8.5 application is Stopped and therefore LFMT Collector cannot communicate and collect log files), an Alarm will be generated accordingly.
    LFMT Collection Failed Alarm.png
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