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Workbench Agent Host Object Configuration Options (for LFMT 8.5.101)

This page contains options used to configure the host objects to which LFMT Collector will connect. This assumes that the Workbench Agent is running on this host. Unless otherwise stated, all configuration options are set using GAX in the Options tab of the Host object.

lfmt Section

This section must be called lfmt.

nic (optional)

Default Value: No default value
Valid Values: A valid network address (IP or Host) for a specific Network Interface
Changes Take Effect: After restart of the Collector and the Workbench Agent that is located on this host.

This option is configured on the Host object where the Workbench Agent is located. If the Host has a secondary NIC dedicated for transfer of log files from the Host (using the Workbench Agent), the user can specify the same here through this value.

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