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Regular Expressions

This section describes how to create regular expressions used for custom indexes by LFMT Indexer and/or sensitive data scrubbing by LFMT Collector.

Genesys strongly recommends that you test the regular expressions that you want to use for indexing and scrubbing before you define them in the LFMT Client.

Creating Regular Expressions

  • LFMT regular expressions are created using Java Regular Expression protocol. In the case of both indexing and scrubbing, regular expression groups identify the data to be indexed or scrubbed.
  • Given the following regular expression:


    The regular expression will attempt to match:

    1. \t - A tab character.
    2. AttributeCallUUID - The text AttributeCallUUID.
    3. \t - A tab character.
    4. ' - A single quote.
    5. \S+ - A number of non-whitespace characters.
    6. ' - A single quote.
  • In the above expression, the () surround the \S+ so as to define it as a group.
  • The text matched inside the group will be that which is indexed in the database, or scrubbed from the file.
  • Applying the expression above to the following application log file as an index.


    Creates an entry in the LFMT Database where - CallUUID = D0PIFCQ87H5MH67ITU9179MC50000VEO
  • Tip
    Tools like Regex Coach (http://www.weitz.de/regex-coach/) can be used to test the syntax of the regular expressions.
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