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Available Packages

This section describes how to download and send LFMT packages built in the Log File Packaging section.

  • If/when using LFMT Client thru LFMT Client and GAX
    • Please ensure the respective GAX Application, with the LFMT Client Plug-in installed, has the [lfmt]/use_lfm_extension option set to true
    • So that .lfm files and not .zip (the default as of 8.5.104) LFMT Package files are created and therefore downloadable via GAX
      • This avoids a "Failed Forbidden" error when trying to download LFMT Packages
    • This change is required because GAX filters .gz, .jar, .zip, and .rar API requests

Downloading an LFMT package

  1. In Genesys Administrator Extension, from the LFMT tile menu, select Available Packages

    LFMT GAX Tile.png
  2. Review the entries in the Available Packages table.
    *In the example below there are 2 LFMT Packages Available
    LFMT Available Packages.png
    The Available Packages window is scrollable should the package not be initially visible

    *Packages marked as Pending are still being built by LFMT Collector.
    *Packages marked as Available can be downloaded by the user.
    *To view an updated status of a package, click the Refresh ISRefresh8.5.png button.

  3. To view the contents of a LFMT Package, double-click on the LFMT Package name
    *The Package Contents dialog box will appear including the filename for the package and the filter criteria used to generate the LFMT Package.
    *filter criteria="2021-08-30, 2021-09-02, ConnID=00720314e24ede43 OR ConnID_StatServer=00720314e24ede43"
    LFMT Package Contents.png
  4. Select the checkbox associated with desired package(s).
    LFMT Package Download.png
  5. Click the Download icon/button.
  6. The Download dialog will appear.
  7. Click the hyperlink associated with the LFMT Package(s) to start the download.
    LFMT Package Download Confirm.png
  8. Your Internet Browser will show status of the LFMT Package Download
    LFMT Browser Download.png
  9. Navigate to your Downloads folder to view the LFMT Package file
    LFMT Downloads Folder.png
  10. The LFMT Package file can now be extracted for analysis/troubleshooting

  • Extracted LFMT Package Example
    LFMT Package Extracted.png
  • Example details.txt content
    LFMT Package Details.txt.png

Sending an LFMT package via FTP(S)/SFTP

  • In Genesys Administrator Extension, from the "LFMT" tile menu, select "Available Packages"
  • Review the entries in the "Available Packages" table
  • Select the checkbox associated with relevant LFMT Package(s) that you wish to send to the FTP Server
  • Click the "Send FTP(S)/SFTP" icon/button
  • The "FTP(S)/SFTP" dialog will appear
  • Enter the remote FTP Server "Hostname/IP", "Port", "Username", and "Password"
  • Click the "Send Package" button to send the package to the respective FTP/SFTP server

    LFMT FTP Example.png

  • LFMT 8.5.105 added the capability of providing an optional FTP Proxy; please complete those fields if/when required:

LFMT 8.5.105 FTP Proxy screenshot.png

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