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New in this Release

This section describes the new functionality for each release.

Release 8.5.101

The 8.5.101 Log File Management Tool release enables support for GAX and later. This release also enables audit capabilities for all configuration changes made within the Log File Management Tool. Several bug fixes and performance improvements have also been made. Please see the Release Notes for further details.

Release 8.5.100

The 8.5.100 Log File Management Tool release significantly improves log file collection by moving to an agent-based transfer. By using an agent to perform the log file transfers, the Log File Management Tool no longer leverages rsync over SSH to transfer files. The transfers are now performed over a TCP/TLS connection to the agent, which prevents the need for public-key authentication between hosts.

In addition to the moving to an agent-based transfer, the following features have been added to the 8.5.1 release:

  • Removed the requirement for Cygwin to be deployed to Windows application hosts
  • Support for user roles to enable/disable LFMT functionality for different user groups
  • Collection from multiple log file locations for a single app
  • Support for circular log file types i.e. (File.log, File.1.log, File.1.log, File.x.log)
  • Internet Explorer/Edge Support
  • Resolved compatibility issues with other GAX plugins
  • Raise alarms for collection failures
  • Overall stability improvements

Release 8.5.000.XX

  • LFMT Build 8.5.000.XX requires the Java 8 Runtime Environment (JRE).
  • LFMT Build 8.5.000.XX requires a new LFMT database.
    • LFMT database(s) are configured using Database Access Point (DAP) configuration objects.
  • LFMT Build 8.5.000.XX supports Windows 2012.
  • LFMT Build 8.5.000.XX supports TLS connections to Configuration Server.
  • LFMT Build 8.5.000.XX supports a distributed LFMT deployment.
  • LFMT Client requires GAX 8.5.
  • LFMT Client can schedule/force collections for multiple connected LFMT Collectors.
  • LFMT Client can search multiple connected LFMT databases.
  • LFMT Client provides ILIKE operation when filtering on custom indexes.
  • LFMT Client allows setting time zone for scheduled collections.
  • LFMT Client allows for the creation of custom regular expressions.
  • LFMT Client displays to which applications custom regular expressions have been assigned.
  • LFMT Client has new section 'Available Packages' for downloading previously created packages.
  • LFMT Collector and LFMT Indexer are configured as separate applications in Configuration Server.
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